The Story of Us

Fueled by Faith, Family, & Fun. 

Twenty fours years ago we had a dream.

To pioneer forward into life by taking the lessons learned from the past, inspiring us to live a more simplified life.  Where Faith, Family & Freedom were the most important things in life. Inspired by the author Laura Ingalls Wilder and the series of ” Little House on the Prairie”, along with our own childhoods, we wanted to raise a family where values & morals came first.

Raising our own food, home cooked meals were a must, & family unity based on FAITH was most important.

Having absolutely no experience as to how to make this happen, we became students of life and

visionary pioneers plowing into a future of unknown territories.

We were blessed to raise three amazing kids, bought an 80 acre abandoned farm and turned it into an organic farm, developed 4 businesses, and are still married. And might I add happily married.  We are best friends, business partners,  and soul mates.  We aren’t perfect by no means, just deeply committed in all we do.

However, the last five years, a series of events sent our family spiraling into an abyss of crisis situations.
Illness and tragedy dropped us to our knees.
Humbling us to the core.
On the verge of losing everything, we learned the greatest lesson of all:
Faith is the only thing that matters.
Nothing else matters.
Taking a leap of faith, willing to let it all go, we believed in:
Greater the risk, greater the reward!
These hardships changed the course of our lives, blazing a new trail.
Our mission is simple.  A passion project emerged that will create a legacy of pioneers moving into the future by planting roots of change that will positively impact future generations.
With five core qualities:
Service. Innovation. Integrity. Humility.
And the greatest is L O V E.
The best is yet to come.
fam in blue-barn

 We are simply pioneers paying it forward.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Fantastic, fresh,common sense perspectives and inspiring reminder of who we are and who we want to become. Thank you for the raw reality of life! You are a treasure and an inspiration


  2. When I was a young girl I saw how much my parents loved Shaklee. It has a special place in my heart. Now as an adult I’m seeking answers for which vitamins are the best and in my mind something is telling me to find Shaklee. So excited to find Sarah Hein on Ivanka’s website. I love your philosphy and look forward to reading more. God helped me find you. Lol


  3. Hi Sarah, suffering from SSCD, I applaud your entire family. The understanding takes a great amount of effort as you cannot easily “see” the pain, unless you look closely. I was just curious if you could let me know where your husband had the most success with treatment and surgery. And what did NOT work.
    Be well. -Mike


    1. I’m so sorry, I just saw this message Mike. Thank you for your kind words and I feel horrible I didn’t get back to you sooner. I would recommend Dr. Yang and Dr. Gopen AT UCLA. I can get you in touch with them if need be 🙂 Le me know if I can help in any way. Here’s my cell: 920-988-3884. Be blessed


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