Hang in there!

bohfcrlIf you live anywhere that it is cold and gloomy, you know exactly how it feels to believe that winter will never end!

A few weeks ago we had windchills that were -55!

We’ve had rain, ice, and snow—all in one day.

Schools are closed and kids are going stir crazy.

And I’m not sure when we last saw the sun.


It would be so easy to stay inside, binge on Netflix, grab a pint of frozen custard, and eat until spring. (Sure, that is fun for one day, but let me tell you, if you spend too much time with that, you’ll just get into a bigger funk.) But when you have chickens and goats, you have no choice but to bundle up, put on ski goggles so your eyeballs don’t freeze, and head to the farm to get chores done.


This is why I’m SO thankful for natural supplements that help me stay positive all rafumathroughout winter. My go-to pick-me-up is a powerful combination of Ashwagandha, Kanna, Rafuma, and Magnolia bark. All of these together reduce negativity, improve stress management, boost my mood, promote calmness without making me sleepy, increase serotonin, and help my mental clarity. I am SO thankful for it!


Here are a few other tips I’ve learn if you’re struggling because you think winter will never end…

Start the day with mindfulness. I read a devotion each morning. Maybe you choose a book on personal development.

Move. Make sure you exercise to reduce anxiety, stress, and feelings of depression. Bundle up and still go outside. Fresh air matters! Go for a walk.

Wear bright clothes. On really gloomy days I wear the brightest shirts I own, just to bring color to my life.

Be disciplined in your eating. Nutrition plays a huge role in both your mental and physical health!

Keep connected. Call a friend. Meet for coffee. Laugh!

Serve others. Whether you volunteer at a food pantry or make a meal for a neighbor, thinking of others first will change your whole outlook.

Relax. Take a two-minute mind break to close your eyes and focus on breathing.

Embrace winter. The natural seasons of the year invite us to slow down and rest a bit. Enjoy that.

For more information on what I use to keep my sanity all winter, contact me today!

I’d love to pioneer forward with you!

Sarah Hein the Pioneer

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