Fight back- GIVE!

Life is hard. Just turn on the news, and you will see. Violence, bullying, illness, loss of respect, the list goes on and on. It can be downright depressing. Truly a hopeless feeling.

How do we stand up to the ugliness that has surfaced?  That is the question many of us are asking.

I don’t have all the answers to the problems of the world, but I can tell you this. We have lived through prosperous successful times and have also suffered incredible loss.

But through it all, the last almost six-year journey, we have been refined. Humbled to the core. And though we have learned many great lessons, one of the greatest was the gift of giving.

And it’s time to pay it forward. As humbling as it is to receive, which we are incredibly grateful for all of you who have been on this journey with us, we’ve been created to give. (And, as part of the first-ever mental wellness company, we are learning just how much generosity plays a role in mental wellness. It’s even backed by research! A study by the University of Zurich in Switzerland, found that being generous is associated with positive brain changes that produce happiness.)

SO, giving does the body good!

Imagine if we began to fight back the ugliness of this world through giving random acts of kindness to one another.

Well, this is exactly what we are doing.

That’s why we partnered with James Beck  James Beck’s coat drive for the Navajo Nation. When we put it on Facebook that we were looking for coats, we were blown away by how many people in our own community showed up at our home with bags and boxes of coats!

What we weren’t expecting was the outpouring of generosity of coats or the powerful healing it brought to Derek. To give, is the greatest form of joy. Joy heals.

We were only able to be joyfully generous because YOU were so generous.

That’s where all of you came in and blew us away! Our living room was FULL! We ended up with over 200 coats! Thanks to you we are changing lives this winter, simply by helping people stay warm. Sometimes it’s the most random of acts of simple kindness that mean the most.


You know what else we learned from this? As much fun as it is to give, it’s even better to do it with friends—even when we can’t be there!


Please check out this final video from James where he came to us LIVE from the Navajo Nation & shared just how big of an impact we all made together!

Thank you! You helped us make a difference and change lives!

Sarah Hein the Pioneer

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