A Birthday Blessing

41903826_10217712041019672_5792021229837746176_oToday was a win. No matter how you look at it.  Derek had a minor procedure to determine if he has high pressure in his spinal fluid.

He does not have high pressure. It’s normal.

We are choosing to thank God for this. Though his pressure continues to remain unknown, we will not give up, but will look up to the heavens to continue this journey.

Before his procedure, I was inspired by the Bible event when Joshua marched around Jericho in the Bible. It reminded me that in life there will not just be one parting of the sea in our life. The Red Sea was parted, but so was the Jordan River. Joshua was handpicked by God to continue Moses’ journey of bringing the Israelites to the Promised Land. When they came upon Jericho, they were told to walk around the city seven times. On the seventh time, the walls came crashing down. I decided to do my own Jericho walk. I walked around the UCLA hospital campus six times—and Derek joined me for the seventh—praying for God to make the walls fall down on Derek’s troubling symptoms.

I learned a few things. Walking around the entire hospital campus 7 times is 5.7 miles. Whew. I also learned that while we may not have gotten a perfect answer, Derek’s walls ARE coming down. There was clearly significant damage in that first surgery almost six years ago, but there is nothing that God can’t fix, and if I have to spend the rest of my life figuring this out, then so be it.

41946187_10217712044659763_3620554355607863296_oWe have realized his birthday blessing is knowing that he has come so far and he can and will continue to encourage so many. We will continue to treat an infection they think he has, which could be making the pressure in his head worse. He is a fighter and will press on.  If it is nerve damage, we will address this, because we have both learned to be relentless. So docs, get ready, this is just the beginning. We are all in for complete healing.

We are so grateful for the medical staff here, and the way they treat Derek. Dr. Patrick even celebrated the same birthday with Derek, and I was allowed to be in the procedure room, after some serious begging and puppy dog eyes. I was determined to personally witness whatever the outcome may be. While I couldn’t  take pics of the actual procedure, I was able to snap a shot of them preparing him. Watching all the doctors’ shoulders drop in disappointment that his pressure was normal was humbling to watch. It made me realize how many truly carry our burden. I can honestly say, I took a deep breath, released any frustration and then thanked God.

Derek has had massive wins, miracles performed, and today we are praising God that he continues to no longer hear his internal bodily noises. 42058838_10217712043619737_4516079861734834176_o

I will keep marching and proclaiming that his walls are coming down. Please continue to pray with me that he has no complications, headaches, or migraines as a result of his procedure. So far, so good. He is complication free!

I made a birthday promise to him. We will live life to the absolute fullest. Nothing will stop us. Nothing. Because with God, ALL things are possible.

He is resting comfortably in a hotel by the hospital and I’m back to work . . . making a difference in the lives of others.

42045453_10217712042579711_2322122412734283776_oThe next phase of this trip is Anaheim. We are praying Derek’s symptoms will continue to hold, where we will meet our dedicated and committed team of over 125 angels that are coming from around the country to the first-ever mental wellness symposium. Doctors, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms and dads, teachers, engineers, marketers, business men and women, and everything in between are all coming together to serve others with holistic approaches to healing the gut and brain and focusing on the mental wellness of our nation and the world. What an honor to see them soon, and serve them. Our lives have been rewritten, and now it’s time for others lives to be rewritten.

Our encouragement to you is to be grateful and joyful in ALL circumstances—even when you don’t have answers. Your walls in life will crumble too, all in God’s time. While you are waiting, focus on your life’s purpose and serve others. It’s way more fun than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.

Today. Was. A. Win.

Sarah Hein the Pioneer



1 thought on “A Birthday Blessing”

  1. My continued 🙏🏻‘S go to Him our Creator & Father all in both of your names & your compassionate Team of Caregivers for continued Wisdom, Patience & Trust needed to defeat this illness. What an inspirational witnessing opportunity God has bestowed unto you sweet Sarah. 🙏🏻


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