Waiting at airports for my next flight has become a familiar place for me. I have been traveling all over the country sharing our new passion project and partnered brand Amare Global, because I’m on a mission to serve and help as many people as I can.

airportOne day, I was people watching in the airport on a long layover and having a self-pity moment. Deep down, my own heart was heavy. Though Derek is doing so much better, he still struggles. Watching someone you love so deeply have to be a warrior in battle everyday is like a form of torture. Honestly, it sucks.

On this particular day there was a big snow storm out east and there were many delays. Everyone was watching the monitors, anxiousness filled the air as people realized their flights were canceled.

airportcanceOne elderly woman caught my attention. She seemed most upset as she watched the monitor. It was evident her flight was canceled. My heart went out to her and though I couldn’t change her flight schedule, I thought maybe if I went up to her and chatted, I could calm her.

This lovely elderly woman looked up at me as I approached her and said, “My flight was canceled.”  Shaking my head and giving her my empathy I sat down next to her.

I asked where she was from, and where she was headed. This poor woman was headed right into the eye of a snow storm.

She was stranded. In fact, she had been rerouted multiple times and, every time she was rerouted, she found herself further from home.

Boy, could I relate. As I listened to her, I had felt completely rerouted in my own life.

My own dark voices in my head where saying, “You gave up everything. Fought for five years, lived out of a camper for a year, drove a 42-foot camper through mountains, gave it everything you had, and your husband’s miracle didn’t unfold exactly like you wanted. Though he is better, he still struggles.”

Over the next two hours, this woman and I chatted. I learned all about her and what she did for a living. When she finally asked me about my life, I felt tears well up in my eyes.

How do I explain my life? That’s always the haunting question. For some reason that day, my heart was hurting. And I simply said, I have three amazing children, a granddaughter who is the everything to us, and a wonderful husband who has been sick for the past five years.

She looked at me and asked what was wrong with my husband.

I told her, that was a double loaded question.

“Tell me.” She said.

Briefly telling her of his journey, she asked,

“Well, did he make it through his surgeries?”

“Why, yes, of course he did,”  I said.

“Is he better?” she asked.

“He’s definitely improved, but he still struggles. He’s not the same as he once was. And it’s horrible to see him suffer. I would do anything to make him better.” I said.

This stranger grabbed my arms and looked me square in the face.

“My husband and I went to a park with our family 29 years ago. It was a beautiful day. Our children were playing. All of sudden he looked up at me and said, “I have a bad headache—and just like that he fell to the ground. He died that day of an aneurysm as our children played at the park,” she said.

Sitting there in shock at what this stranger just told me, she looked me in the eyes and as tears were streaming down her face and mine, she said,

“Be thankful to God, you still have your husband. That he is beside you every night. I would have done anything as long as he was beside me, even if he wasn’t the same,” she said.

“But that wasn’t my choice. God wanted him home.”

“But it sounds like HE gave you your husband.  Even if he’s not the same, you cherish every moment, even if its not perfect.”

This wonderful woman and I parted. But her words have remained with me.

Cherish every moment, even if it’s not perfect.cherish

The last few weeks, I have found myself reminiscing. It’s really hit me that—just one year ago—we  boarded a plane to California, to see two surgeons on a wild goose chase, where we finally received the answers we were desperately looking for.

Derek was misdiagnosis for 4 years, and had gone through such torture, only to find out that the only way to help him was two brain surgeries to repair his disease and our insurance wasn’t going to cover it because it was out of network.

Talk about receiving the short end of the stick.

And yet, looking back just one year, God took care of it.

He not only allowed Derek to survive through two brain surgeries without one complication, but he has had miraculous improvements, and God took care of all the bills. We won a five-year disability nightmare, and a new career miraculously appeared for me.

Derek is recovering, about 50-60 percent better than where he was a year ago. Each day is slowly but surely becoming brighter. He looks amazing compared to a year ago, and we believe everyday his miracle is unfolding. He no longer hears his internal sounds. Quality of life is being restored, slowly.

I was being ungrateful. The woman at the airport made me realize that.

Life isn’t always going to go as you want it. That’s the problem. We want one thing.

Our vision. But what if God has a different plan for you?

You see, God had a different plan for Derek and me. He wanted to refine us so we could become strong warriors and boldly do what most won’t, so we could see what most will never.

I’m realizing our job is to share our journey with all of you. So that you will be inspired to let go whatever is holding you back, and fulfill the purpose of your life.

My purpose is to believe that miracles do unfold all around us. There is always hope.

Even in the darkest of circumstances, it’s why I find great joy in sharing hope with others.


The devastation of being told we couldn’t get a loan was our financial low a few years ago. But, by the grace of God, that has all turned around.

Miraculously, but not immediately, our story has been rewritten.

dereksarahpic1Writing this gives me great joy to encourage all of you who are in the middle of hardships, that in one moment everything can change.

That was us one year ago.

Before things got better, they got worse for a while, but we remained faithful and God carried us. Looking back, we see His fingerprints on it all. But let me tell you it wasn’t easy. It’s never going to be. So get over it and quit feeling sorry for yourself.

My view every day is humbling. I am married to a man who has to walk a journey  he would have never chosen.

Instead he was chosen to be a warrior in this life.

Now, I’m covering my family in prayer and all my business partners with the word:


I pray daily for abundance to pour into my family’s lives and in the lives of others.

Abundance of love, health, joy, happiness, strength, courage, and perseverance. To abundantly dream daring, big, bold, goals that are fueled by the desire to give back, help others, and make a difference in others lives.

To live in abundance means you can give back in abundance.

This Easter weekend, I want to remind all of you this:

  God didn’t send His one and only Son to suffer unimaginable things, be crucified, experience the most horrific death, be buried, and RISE UP so we can live mediocre lives.

He rose so we can all live in great ABUNDANCE. He rose so that we too will RISE UP. Not just when we go to heaven, but NOW!

Go…cherish your life, even if it’s not perfect. Live your life abundantly. We sure plan too.

Sarah Hein the Pioneer


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