Gut Instinct

Right now, the majority of us are still fully chasing after our New Year resolutions.

A New Year, new diet, new goals, new dreams, a new YOU—right?

Well, as a pioneer, I decided to not make a resolution this year.

Instead, I made a New Year’s revelation.

Last year was the year of miracles. This year, I will reveal them.

Why do I want to reveal things? Because I have seen divine workings in my family’s life and I want to disclose them to the world.

I have a gut instinct that everything has happened to us so we could uncover a greater purpose in our lives—helping others heal emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

You know what it’s like to have a gut instinct, right?

That instinctive feeling or intuition or sixth sense.

Let me give you five personal examples of how the gut instinct has benefitted our family lately.

One: Years ago, when times were financially well for us, Derek had a gut instinct and said, “Let’s max out our Disney cards. Someday we will be glad we did this.”

I’m glad we listened to his gut instinct. Because it led to the moment you see in these pictures. Derek’s dream as he underwent two brain surgeries was to take his granddaughter and our kids to Disney. That dream got him through some very dark days.


Having a vision inspired him to go on. Having a dream is healing.

Disney World was once a vision—and now everyone is wishing they had that same vision. But it started in a dark time. Broken and feeling lost, Walt Disney was sitting on a train, doodling on a napkin, when a mouse figure appeared.


Eventually that doodle became Micky Mouse. That doodle revealed to him that you never stop dreaming, no matter how old you are. He created a magical place, creatively fueled by pure imagination—a vision beyond most people’s ability to comprehend. It has now become a place to reveal all dreams. Because Walt Disney listened to his gut instinct and acted on it, his dreams have touched millions of lives around the world. And allowed them to dream too.




Two: Then there is our precious granddaughter. I’m so proud and humbled that our daughter listened to her gut instinct and chose life. Who would have thought that a little girl would come into our life and bring hope to our world? She has brought us grace, beauty, and laughter—and taught us to live larger than life.

Scarlett revealed that all life matters—and taught us to not care about others think, but care about people.


Three: A year ago, a kind woman began reading my blog. Her name is Mariah. She was overcome by a gut instinct—a Holy Spirit instinct—to reach out and offer her farm as a place of refuge for us, a safe haven while we were going to be in Florida. So we pulled up to the home of someone we had never met and they opened up their hearts and home to us.

On Dec. 23rd, there was no availability in any campground for us to park our camper. I was feeling a bit “Virign Mary-ish.”

Literally there was no room in the inn.

This year, for the second time, they once again warmly welcomed our camper, our family, even our dog to their home for Christmas.  Talk about truly being “Cousin Eddie” from the movie Christmas Vacation.

I can now say I have pulled up to someone’s house—in a camper—on Christmas.

Lord, have mercy!

Mariah listened to her gut instinct and acted. Doing this, she revealed the gifts she has been given. And we have a new sister and friend for life. Thank you Mariah, Dale, and Mesa, we love you.

mariah6Four: When Whitney’s boyfriend Bennett came to visit us, his presence encouraged Derek to keep moving forward in life. Derek always wanted to go on an airboat and see the Everglades. Because Bennett listen to his gut instinct and came to visit Whitney while she was staying with us, it prompted Derek to keep checking off that bucket list. Thank you, Bennett. We love you and Whitney.

Five: Living on the road, though a great adventure, has often been lonely for our son Gavin. He is 15, lives in a camper, and his bed a tight loft. He told me that this new year he just wanted a friend his age and a bedroom he can sit up in. To stand up in his own bedroom would be a dream.

God heard his prayers. Another family who read my blog reached out to me and wanted to share their story of illness. They felt led and listened to their gut instinct to meet us—and brought their son. When our boys’ eyes met, they stopped and stared in awe.

They knew each other.

Two years ago, they both attended a Christian Young Life camp in the Colorado Rockies and had a blast together. We had no idea what this boy’s last name was, where he lived, and Gavin thought he would never see him again.


But God answered our son’s prayers. God revealed to Gavin that He will provide what you need when you need it. These two adventurous, faith-filled, compassionate boys were reunited all because Charlie’s mother listened to her gut instinct, and brought us a meal. God knew back when Gavin was in Colorado that he’d need a friend in Florida, so he prepared for this moment all the way back then.

Derek’s illness led us on a journey that none of us could have ever imagined. The lessons we have learned carry us through the dark times, because that is when we see the miracles that have been revealed.

My new year’s revelation is for you all to listen to your gut instinct.

A gut instinct blazed a new trail that started with a Kohl’s cashier. That journey led to two brain surgeries, living out of a 5th wheel, traveling 11,500 miles to doctors, standing up to insurance companies, advocating for a rare disease—and getting Derek to regain 40% of his quality of life. Though he still has a journey ahead of him, I listened to my gut instinct, even when others thought I was crazy.

Dealing with all of this has given us moments of breakdown. Tears. Anger. Anxiety. Depression. Years of frustration took a toll on our whole family. We are not always strong. Moments of weakness have surfaced because we are human. But through the breakdowns, we had breakthroughs. By surrendering to what we couldn’t control, we have learned to become open-minded.

That open-mindedness gave us another revelation.

There really is a “gut instinct.”

There is scientific evidence that your gut is connected to the brain and can actually think. Stress, anxiety, and gut issues, are the base for many horrible symptoms and health problems. If your gut isn’t healthy, your brain won’t be healthy.  We intend to pave a new trail and help the world realize that mental wellness is just as important as physical wellness. In fact, without mental wellness, you won’t achieve physical and emotional wellness.

This five-year ongoing journey has led us to partnering with a new company,

Amare Global.

I am convinced we would not have learned about Amare if Derek hadn’t gone through what he has.

Because we’ve been changed by this company, it has now become a passion project for us. We have a massive mission to serve, lead with love, and help as many people as we can. When you are a pioneer, you lead the way.

This year, I intend to share many revelations. I encourage you to do the same. Resolutions aren’t bad, but sometimes they can overwhelm us and eventually frustrate us, leading us to give up.

This new year, focus on the seeing the blessings that have been revealed in your own life. As you see those revelations, they will naturally and organically lead you to accomplishing resolutions.

The best is yet to come.

Sarah Hein the Pioneer

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