After almost five long years, we are on the eve of the day that we have prayed relentlessly for and long awaited.

My knees are calloused from all the prayers for this day.

The day of Derek’s liberation.

We met with the surgeons. If I could describe these two surgeons with one word it’s:


They are the most humble men, besides my husband Derek, that I have ever met.

There is no arrogance. They do not have all the answers and yet they are fulfilling and using their God given talents to help people in the masses. Sitting in the waiting room of these surgeons, my heart goes out to the all the suffering patients. It’s a long wait to get into these doctors and no one complains. Because everyone is sick and suffering. It’s like a code of patient honor:  Be Patient. Each patient needs there time with these doctors. And these doctors give each individual patient there full attention.

Patients are not a number here. They are treated like people here.

The patients matter.

Derek, naturally has a lot of anxiousness.  Both surgeons Dr. Gopen and Dr. Yang, along with our beloved Dr. Michelle Massa have told Derek:,
“It’s normal to be anxious. We would be worried if you weren’t nervous.”

Pray for Derek’s anxiousness. He woke up from a surgery almost 5 years ago with horrific symptoms that have never left. Naturally his body gets nervous for any surgery and this is a big surgery.

When Dr. Yang said, “I don’t know why this happened to you, to such a great guy, I have to question, why these things happen. And then I think how you were given a link from a kohl’s cashier, and met a doctor in a church, and eventually were led to me… it gives me goosebumps. I don’t take any credit, I will give all credit to a higher power upstairs.”

I knew then, that what I felt since last December, sitting in church- that even though none of this make sense, no human can explain how we were truly led to California to these surgeons, I know one thing:

This is a divine appointment.

There is no science, medical, or earthly reason to explain this story.

It’s a God Story.

And we intend to give all the glory to HIM.

It’s not about Derek, Dr. Yang, Dr. Gopen, or Dr. Massa,

It’s about our Heavenly Father.

This life wasn’t meant to be easy. But it was to prepare us for the forever life:

H E A V E N.

I have learned to not question or ask why anymore.

I have learned to: Believe. Trust. Accept Receive.

Listening to Derek talk with our 3 children over the phone tonight, he was dreaming with them. Laughing and also openly sharing his fears.  He was being real.

Alex, Whitney, and Gavin:

You gave the best medicine in the world to your Dad before he goes into surgery:

Hope for the future.

He loves you and wants nothing more than to see you live your lives to the fullest.

Thank you for making him laugh.

And, he wants nothing more than to take Little Miss Scarlett to Disney at Christmas time.

It’s time prayer warriors.

Pray that GOD guides Dr. Gopen and Dr. Yangs hands tomorrow. That they are the vessels of JESUS tomorrow. Cover these amazing men in your prayers.  Give them knowledge, confidence, peace, wisdom beyond human comprehension, to fix the structural damage of Derek.  Pray for the damage done in all the previous surgeries to be miraculously healed and that we are all left scratching our heads in awe of what is about to unfold.

Pray that this surgery heals Derek 100%.

Pray for a miracle.That the pressure, sound sensitivity, migraines, dizziness, fatique, neck stiffness, and all his symptoms that have plagued him: are lifted.

Plead the blood of Jesus over this surgery. Pray all anxiousness to be lifted.  Pray for liberation and that GOD gets 100% of the glory.

derekssurgeryTo To my best friend, soul mate and partner for life:

Derek, I leave you with this scripture:

Revelations 2:10  Be faithful even to the point of death. And I will give you the crown of life.

It has been an honor and privilege to humbly witness this miraculous journey of my husband. For a voice whispered to me in the middle of the night years ago:

“Sarah write.”

And reluctantly …. I listened.

It was this blog that led this journey:

The unfolding miracle.

This story, is God led.

And if you don’t believe, it’s time you start.

Derek goes into surgery between 11 am – Noon Pacific time:

Pray like you mean it.

Sarah Hein, the Pioneer

5 thoughts on “P.R.A.Y.”

  1. Sarah…The Salmon family is praying for you all. We are praying without ceasing.
    Love you all…
    Lou Ann and Alan Salmon


  2. May God’s guiding hands be with you every step of the way. We are praying. We are praying really hard! Sending our love.

    Sent from my iPhone



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