Pray like you mean it!

This will be short and sweet. Derek is taking the biggest risk of his life tomorrow. He has decided to go ahead with this surgery despite all the damage that has been done.  And I support him 100 %.

The risk is Derek could be disabled the rest of his life and have no ability to ever have balance. We aren’t going to talk statistics or what his quality of life could be. Instead, pray for Derek  and for all patients that we have met, that are suffering. He is not the only patient. I can’t even begin to tell you of all the people that have touched our souls and we are personally praying for.

The plan is this; Surgery is tomorrow 7:30 a.m. (Pacific time) till the job is done. His surgerons : Dr. Yang -neuro surgeon, will enter his skull and lift his brain, and then Dr. Gopen will create a bone wax and cover the holes. This is a poor attempt to explain a very complicated situation. Please forgive me. I’m not a medical professional and on very little sleep.

We found out today at 3:20 p.m. that our new insurance approved the surgery. Talk about nail biting. Up to  this point, we were 100% out of pocket.

We know the risks our great. We have cried, prayed and given this to the Lord. God is the greatest healer and we know that through him all things are possible.

Pray for the surgeons!  Guide this duo teams hands and minds through our heavenly Father.  Pray that God will heal Derek and we will all give him the credit.  Pray boldly for a successful surgery. That he awakes late tomorrow with NO balance disorder. Pray that his world is calm and peaceful. We are at peace tonight that God has led us this far. He is not going to leave us know. Believe with us.

Believe that no matter what… and we will give all Glory to God.

If you don’t believe. It’s time you do.

Sarah Hein the Pioneer.

(A wife who is married to an amazing man.)


Dear Heavenly Father~

We come to you humbly in thanksgiving for all that you have done for us. You have shown us the ultimate love story as your example. Your scars on your hands and feet are the proof of your sacrifice for us Lord. Today we come to you boldly for Derek’s surgery tomorrow. You know all. You already know the out come. And we TRUST your will.

We boldly pray to heal Derek so that he may continue his work for you. Guide these surgeons hands as they take on your heavenly wisdom and are the vessels to your hands. Guide them with your knowledge in surgery.  Take over their hands as they work on Derek. We will witness your great glory and proclaim victory.

We pray prayers of thanks for a successful -complication free surgery. 

We proclaim victory!

In Jesus name. Amen Amen and Amen.

Our Duo team of surgeons. Dr. Yang and Dr. Gopen.

7 thoughts on “Pray like you mean it!”

  1. Prayers sent to you and Derek and his team of doctors. You and Derek deserve a gift that could be a blessing to so many. May Derek be healed so he can go on touching many other people’s lives


  2. praying!! This is going to be the best work these Docs have ever done..and yet I am believing they will see GOD at work….and give HIM the Glory!
    Hugs Sarah


  3. May God bless the doctor’s and nurses to have unusual skills to help Derek recover 100%. Father we ask that You be in that room every second and protect Protect Derek as he faces this incredibly important day. Bless Sarah and please answer every prayer she has prayed and will continue to pray. Thank you for these doctors Lord and bless them in such a way that they feel your presence during the surgery.


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