Wet Feet


You will never find yourself on dry ground in the middle of the sea, if you don’t take the first step and get your feet wet.

Wet feet. That’s what we are going for.

The doctor did look at Derek’s medical history last week Friday. He IS concerned things have been missed, and is willing to see Derek for an examination. No guarantees, except he is willing to try his best!

We are not putting our faith in the doctor’s ability. We ARE putting our faith in the fact that this doctor, who has the EXACT expertise, which is rare, was placed before us in church, on Dec. 17th, 2016.

We were led to him. And this doctors believes the same thing.

I call this: Holy Spirit Goosebumps.

I do believe that this miracle IS unfolding.

We had to wait for his office to open after the New Year to make the appointment.  Wednesday Feb 8th, is the first available appointment. This Doctor specifically requested that Derek be the last appointment for the day. He wants to dedicate as much time as needed and doesn’t want to derail his other patients.

Not sure what you think of that, but to me, that speaks VOLUMES of this man as a doctor. HE CARES!

February 8th at 3:30 eastern time, we will be Jupiter Florida bound. Our new time to pray. Mark it on your calendar.

Santa brought Scarlett a suitcase and backpack. She is ready to go visit her Bubba and Gigi wherever they end up.


Time was needed to process all this. Forgive me when I don’t write for a few days. Personally I’m sorting things out with our Maker.

To wait another almost 5 weeks, was hard to swallow at first. Then I realized how selfish I was being. Doctors on this level only see the difficult cases. Each patient is another ‘Derek.’ Waiting means that others are receiving their miracles. Sometimes, you have to just get in the miracle making line. Instead, I have turned to praying for the other patients. That they receive their miracles.

I also realized that I had to sort through some anger. Part of what I had to do last week over Christmas break was go through all Derek’s medical records to prepare for this doctor. What was completely agonizing for me was reading the reports. I had to relive all those appointments in my head.  I was in every appointment. Derek had given me the permission to be his voice. His thoughts just aren’t there with his symptoms. By the time I drove him to the appointments, the motion and noise in the car made his head feel like it was going to explode.

Reading the reports of countless doctors, it hit me.  There was a consistent message loud and clear to me.

They never LISTENED. And I’m never giving up.


Report after report, they heard the symptoms. I always told them that everything was revolved around PRESSURE in his head, and SOUND/ SENSTIVITY. He was HEARING things I couldn’t hear. Noise triggered pressure to rise. Random noises and vibrations were amplified. This would set off a host of other symptoms. Dizziness, migraines, lack of concentration, and at times an anxiety would rise because the noise in his head made the pressure feel explosive. Derek could hear things amplified.

Every single doctor fixated on the secondary symptoms. Dizziness. Mayo Clinic labeled Derek with ‘Chronic Subjective Dizziness Disorder’. No reason why, just that he had a chronic case of Dizziness.

UW Madison and Mayo also labeled him with vestibular migraines. No reason why, just that Derek just suffered from them. Their solution?  Drugs. Let’s put him on drugs to band aid his symptoms. The drugs only made his symptoms worse with their nasty side effects, because the drugs were NOT addressing the problem.

Depression. Derek was down because he couldn’t live his life. A doctor said once, this was more challenging because Derek was young and active. Because he was fighting to get better, that was almost making this worse. Acceptance was needed.  That doctor missed the boat. Derek isn’t a fighter. He is a warrior. It’s a way of life. You never give up.

In the same reports, the MAIN SYMPTOMS were mentioned but NEVER addressed.

Those OTHER symptoms, the MAIN SYMPTOMS is what this doctor in Florida is most concerned about. Things have been missed.

After sorting this out in my head, I came to the realization that these doctors were great doctors. But you can’t be great at everything. They did the best they could. And that is why we need to go elsewhere. When things are missed, it is also an opportunity for growth. LISTEN.  I want to encourage you all to LISTEN to others. It’s not about YOU or what you think. You will MISS key words. Huge lesson learned.

The next thing I had to sort out was my plan. Every time I think I have a plan, God changes it up. I’m constantly being reminded, His plan will always be  better.

I had ONE spot left for our camper in Florida in the area that we are heading. If Derek does need surgery, I have to rethink our older camper. He will need something more comfortable. The last site I had reserved will now be gone by Feb 8th. The details of planning, patiently waiting is what we are all at the mercy of.

I had my whole work schedule planned out. Now it’s all changed. The scheduling of our kids and their lives, everything has to be thought over again. I wasn’t expecting any of this to happen. Back to the drawing board.

Am I going down another dead end, as some have brought to my attention? Chasing after a fairy tale ending that doesn’t exist?

These are minor details, that I was allowing for a few days to distract me. I found myself in the pity pool. The devil tried to tempt me.  Key word is tried. Not going to happen.

Our business is flexible, I’m grateful to work with the team of people I do and have partnered with Shaklee Corporation over 20 years ago. I just have to work smarter and more flexible. Talk about the new idea of minimalist living and working. That is the story of my life right now.

God has given me more time to just let things play out as they will. Recruit more to pray for Feb. 8th. Proclaim victory and believe. The minor details will be revealed.

Anger and frustration brews bitterness. Miracles cannot take place in bitterness. Letting go, trusting and believing is where we need to be now.

This happened for a reason. My dear friend Ann that we are living with currently told me, at times like this it makes you MORE FAITHFUL, more empathetic. How true.

This morning, as I was doing my daily devotional, before my eyes was my own handwriting. Back in Nov. 2013, I recorded my prayers to God to relieve Derek’s pressure in his head. Praying for his symptoms to be gone. Praying for his miracle.

Here I am Jan 5th, 2017 praying the same prayer.

Seeing my own writing made me realize, the length of this journey.  I have to do my part, so God can do His part. God brought the Israelites after forty years of wandering the desert. He brought them through hard times, he will bring us through.

I decided that I’m going to pray prayers of THANKS for healing Derek. Proclaim this to everyone, and  thanking God for this victory. This drought one day will be over.

The reason why that is so bold, is because so many people over the years have told me to accept that this is how Derek will be. Permanent damage. This is irreversible. Sometimes these things just happen.

If God choses to not heal Derek in this life, He will in the next life.

One way or another, the promise that awaits us all is, everyone who believes, will be healed.

So I have nothing to lose but material things. I don’t take material things into the next life. Coffins don’t come with a trailer hitch. I know this for a fact. I’m currently living in the basement of a funeral director.

With that said, I will not ever stop believing in this life. Ever.

So if you are one of those people who have told me to accept this for Derek, my faith will not allow that. Please don’t be offended. It’s just when you are in a state of peace, and trust in your Maker, you just think differently. Don’t worry. I have enough faith for us all.

I made a commitment to Derek on May 25th, 1996.

In sickness and health, to death do us part. I’m not dead yet, and neither is he.             IMG_6484

He held his promise to me. It’s my turn to hold my promise to him. He’s a warrior,  that makes me a warrior at his side. When you intertwine your marriage vows with the cord of three, putting Christ at the center, nothing can break you.  Nothing.


I’m not an author or a writer. I’m a messenger, a servant, of the KING of KINGS. God is the author of my life. Just as he is yours.  The only difference is, I’m simply recording my life. What He is unfolding.

Dr. Michelle’s sister Gilda encouraged me to write the Unfolding Miracle. So that on my dark days I could go back and relive that moment. The past several days, I have reread my own writing.  Over and over again. Besides that fact I see that I have lots of editing errors and am a horrible speller, those are the minor details. The words took me back to that church on the eve of Dec. 17th.  Dr. Michelle was my witness. She was there by my side. My own writing was God speaking to me. Reminding me.



I kept reading what I had written.  There have been so many unfolding miracles in all of this. There was a group of women that called themselves the HEIN-Y HELPERS. Three years ago, they formed this group (behind my back) and held a private fundraiser to raise money for one of Derek’s therapies in Georgia. That treatment helped Derek relearn how to walk again with a normal gait. He over came the drunken sailor gait.


Another miracle. Time and time again, over the past four years, these are the stories I have lived.  W hen I started writing two years ago, I had the privilege of walking through my whole life again. My life, just as your  life has been a series of miracles.


Life IS a miracle in itself.

No one will know of HIS GLORY if I don’t share this Story. My job in this life is to record these stories. To write. I just need an editor now. LOL. And if you think these miracles are remarkable, just wait. I have several books filled with stories of God’s glory waiting to be published.

All in His timing. Not mine.

Believe with me in this unfolding miracle.

Go. Get your feet wet in life. Dry ground will follow!

Sarah Hein the Pioneer

3 thoughts on “Wet Feet”

  1. I am faithfully praying and believing you are on the right path. Are you in Dede Shaw’s downline? If so maybe she has a place for you to stay. I can intercede for you even if not in her downline. This is going to be a recovery to write about! I believe it! You need those 5 weeks to get everything in place, and when it’s his turn, he will be THE MOST IMPORTANT PATIENT. God Bless You! Vicky Caskey

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  2. O.K. Sarah,I got it.Where exactly in Florida is this doctor?  what city? Then, yes, keep at it. . . keep at it.   keep at it.  DON’T GIVE UP AND DON’T GIVE IN. “Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the Father of many nations, just as it has been told him.  Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead, since he was about 100 years old and that Sarah’s womb was also dead.  Yet, he did now waver through unbelief regarding the PROMISE OF GOD, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had the power to do what he had promised. THIS IS WHY IT WAS CREDITED TO HIM AS RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  Hebrews 4 You too Sarah, rehearse, meditate on, remind yourself of , speak out loud to all, revisit, revisit, revisit, the promises of God.  Wash your whole life, mind, body and soul with the promises of God. Be strengthened in your faith in these Promises!!sister in Christ,Lisa


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