The Miracle IS Unfolding

Today is a new day.  We ARE on the right path. I just know it.
The meeting of the two ‘God led’ Doctors happened.
When you have come this far in a grueling journey, you begin to see signs all around you. During the meeting yesterday, one of our prayer warriors was at Disney World and captured this picture in the sky and sent it to me. 
                                                                                ‘Love U Jesus.’ 
How fitting. Lots of tears.  Because we know that this is all divinely happening. And we will continue to praise our Creator, even in the eye of the storm.
                                                                So what happened? 
This doctor has kept Derek’s CT scan. He definitely agrees that something has been missed and wants to make sure nothing is overlooked. He made it clear that he is letting GOD guide him! To have a specialist on this level, that is GOD led, is without a shadow of a doubt, a miracle.  Because with GOD on our side, “All things are possible!”
Patience is a virtue. 
We must be patient.  
This doctor has to go through four years of reports and figure out what was missed, and needs heavenly wisdom on how to help Derek. This is a tough case. It’s why we are in the situation we are in.  I knew Derek was special, but I told him that he’s not special anymore.
                                                                                He’s remarkable.
 Derek said, “I’m done being remarkable. I just want to be normal again.”
Pray specifically for Derek’s name to be imprinted on this Doctors heart. For heavenly wisdom to REVEAL what has been overlooked and solutions to restore Derek’s life.  Pray for Derek, his pressure in his head has been so high. The increase over the past several months, has robbed him even more of life. 
This doctor is hoping to have time to really sit down and study Derek’s case Friday afternoon.  He sees tough cases, and is very hard to get in. We are SO grateful that he is willing to do this.
And then there is Dr. Michelle. She has gone above and beyond out of love and determination to help my husband. Her dedication is so heroic to us. This IS what a hero looks like. Even though I know she would take no credit.  Because that’s what REAL heroes do. They give all glory to God.
Please lift her up in prayer. For continued wisdom. She is also pregnant and pray for the health of her baby and her family.
Forgive me for not writing yesterday. This is all so much to process. I’m still a working mom, and lead many people. My brain has been on overload. To be honest, all I did last night was lay next to Derek watching WWII movies. He loves to watch anything that is inspirational. 
Anger. Frustration. Exhaustion. Uncertainty for our future and so much more was haunting me last night. Totally the devil. My prayer warriors reminded me, when you are too tired to pray, it’s ok. We have your back. This is why I’m intentionally encouraging you what to pray for.
And please, remember our children in your prayers. This has been going on for four years. They too are exhausted and have had to make huge adjustments, sacrifices and have had their lives greatly altered. This marathon has been exhausting and I’m so proud of our kids. They always find humor and make us laugh. But I know this is HARD on them. 
A dear friend reminded me of one of my favorite bible passages.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

She added in, “Now go have fun today. God’s got this.”

   Keep flooding the heavens with prayers.
Blazing a new trail as the Miracle unfolds,
Sarah Hein The Pioneer

9 thoughts on “The Miracle IS Unfolding”

  1. Hi Sarah, You and Derek remain on the prayer list at our church and I will certainly add the children!! You all are prayed for at every service and I’m sure by most parishioners who take the lists home for their daily devotional time!! God bless you both! We are also praying for the doctors (have Dr. Michelle’s name and will be praying for her baby but don’t have the other doc’s name)! Ha!! I’m sure God knows it!! Was it a cochlear implant that started it all?? We have an internist in our congregation who asked at one of our Healing services! Just know that you’re lifted in prayer daily in Brownwood, TX!! We love you and are praying with you for that miracle!! Love, Ella and Bob McBride

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  2. You and Derek and family are being lifted up in prayer. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul and unfailingly faith. Be strong and courageous, yet know that when you are weak, your prayer warriors are standing in the gap.


  3. I’ e been eager to hear this report. Been praying, and I know our Lord is faithful to give us exactly what we need, when we need it. My favorite scripture is Romans 8:28 and I am
    It over you and the whole
    Family and those doctors.


  4. I know we don’t know each other. However I did introduce myself in Florida at the Shaklee conference. I am so inspired by you and the honesty you share. I will pray for Derek and your family ongoing!!! Your Faith is a great inspiration to me.


  5. Sarah, wherever u r, God is with u, guiding you, protecting you. He has this, and somehow someway He will help the doctor see what’s been missed. My prayers are with you, your family. May this b the start to a wonderful HEALTHY new year for you all.
    Your strong faith makes me ashamed when mine falters, and in the back of my mind I tell myself Sarah wouldn’t feel this way. Thank u for helping me thru things when u have SO much. Praying for you pioneers!!


    1. Sharon, I’m so sorry I haven’t written sooner, but your comments were felt deep into my soul. I falter all the time. IT’s just HE pulls me back up quick. Speed lightening lately. So greatful to have known you and love your sweet daughters. I have always admired your smile, and amazing kids. WE welcome the prayers are so eternally grateful.
      Love you my dear.


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