Patiently Waiting


In the midst of adversity life gives you choices. To laugh or to cry. Accept and deny. To be patience or impatience. Today is one of those days. We chose to LAUGH!

Dr. Michelle drove to the meeting with the other Doctor.

Pulling into the empty parking lot didn’t give her the warm fuzzy kind of Christmas feeling.

The office was closed.

There was a mix up with the setting up this DIVINELY appointment.

I have no doubt that God has a sense of humor. The devil is trying to disrupt this amazing unfolding miracle. Not gonna happen.

Derek said, I have lived like this for four years. What’s another day?

We decided this is fantastic news. More time to pray. Recruit others to keep praying.

This appointment WILL happen. And just as we had the made the decision to laugh over this, we  received the news it’s already been rescheduled for THIS WEDNESDAY at NOON!!!  Completely grateful for the dedication of these two doctors! Honestly this gives us great HOPE that these doctors are both really committed to giving Derek a chance.  We are so humbled that these two doctors are going so out of there way over the holidays to review Derek’s case!

While we wait, instead of pulling our hair out in great anticipation, we thought we would share with you our family tradition. Every Christmas Derek has always made gifts for our kids. Covering his gifts made out of love up with blankets and revealing the big gift was the highlight of Christmas morning.

Over the years our three spunky, funny and CREATIVE children came up with there own homemade gift. Creating a theme they would make a Christmas video for us. Taking personal inside family jokes, summing up the past year high lights with goofy humor and making a hilarious video with great meaning.

This year there was no handmade gifts from their Dad, but we wanted to share with you their incredible gift to us. They had very limited time to work on this because we were gone. But they somehow pulled it off.

Their Dad built the home they grew up in. It was the house that built them.

The voice you hear at the end, is none other than Whitney.

Grab some Kleenex. Get ready to laugh and cry.

Wait patiently with us and keep the prayers coming.


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