A Mother’s Day Message To the Forgotten Mothers

Mother’s Day, is a day celebrated around the world, in honor of mothers. Truly a special day to take time to reflect on the gift of motherhood.  A time where mothers feel the love they have for their children, making every ounce of the exhausting journey, every poopy diaper, lost set of car keys in the chaos, sniffle, injury, broken heart, fistful of dandelions, completely and utterly worth it.
There is nothing more strong, solid, sure and true, than the heart of a mother.
It’s a beautiful day of saluting the women that raised us and loved us.
That’s what I want to focus on.
The women, that raised us.
To all the wonderful women who gave birth to their children, and built a loving forever legacy of family, we celebrate you.
We salute you.
For you are women of great strength and integrity.
Who wear many hats and spin many plates.
All. At. The. Same. Time.
This world is a better place because of each and every one of you.
This message is also for the forgotten Mothers.
The silent Mothers.
The Mothers who may not have given birth to you.
The mothers, who never had children, or who raised someone else’s child. The single mothers who are alone, raising their children by themselves. Stepmothers.
The mothers who courageously gave up their child for a better life.
The women whose child went home to heaven.
These are the women, that are given no Mother Day’s gifts.
No flowers, no cards, no thanks, no kind words. No Mother’s Day Brunch.
To these very women, and you know who you are, this Mother’s Day, we salute you.
The women, who adopt, volunteer, mentor a younger woman, listen, comfort, and care when no one else did. The women who sacrificed everything so you could have a better life.
These are the women who relentlessly prayed for you, stood by you, gave you the shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a kind word to encourage you.
When you were down, they picked you up.
They believed in you when no one else did.
You see, even if your own birth mother, for whatever reason didn’t raise you, I promise you this, God gave you many mothers to raise you instead.
It’s not just birth mothers we salute this Mother’s Day. Its every women who took part in your life mothering you. Whether it was one moment, or a million moments.
These women built you to who you are today.
It truly does take a village to raise a child.
To all our silent forgotten mothers, may you be silent no more. Forgotten no more.
We thank you. We love you.
May all women realize,that at some point in your life,
you will all have a natural motherly instinct.
To care for others.
You are all mothers.
 Go, change the course of someone’s life, for all women, have the potential,
to be a mother to someone in need.
Give thanks to these women. Send flowers, a card,a hug, give words of appreciation, to all the women that mothered you in this life.
Then, go be a mother to someone else.
I dedicate this to:
All the women that raised me. You know who you are.
Alexandria, Whitney and Gavin, my 3 blessings from heaven.
All the children I have paid it forward to and mothered. 
To my mom in heaven.
I love you all~
Ma Hein
(Sarah Hein)

2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Message To the Forgotten Mothers”

  1. Beautiful words to paint the picture of what being a mother and “mothering” is all about. You always make me shed a tear, Sarah Hein the Pioneer!


  2. I want to thank you so much for writing this beautiful piece. It really spoke to me in a time I was feeling down and it made me feel uplifted. You are a very talented writer; thank you for sharing your talent with the world!


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