Expect a Miracle

“Dear God, I wanted to be a runner and race.”

And God Said, “Go ahead, my Child, and race.”

“But God, the world tells me I can’t.”

“Why not?” says GOD.

“My legs and body don’t always work GOD, my miracle didn’t happen.”

“My Child, I had the miracle of the wheel invented just for you, and I gave your mother the heart she has to be the legs for you.  Go Race.”

Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 10.43.51 AM

Isabelle with her miracle wheels, and her Mother’s miraculous heart as her legs.


“Dear God,  I wanted to live!”

God said, “I created you,  for you are fearfully and wonderfully made. To live on this earth and fulfill a great purpose. Go Live.”

“But God, my miracle didn’t happen. The world says that I’m an “unwanted pregnancy”.  I prayed to live, but the world is telling my mother to not let me live.”

“My Dear Child, your miracle is YOU. If I didn’t want you, I wouldn’t have made you. For YOU are the gift to heal your mother’s brokenness.

  I am your creator and no other, there’s a beautiful plan with a great purpose set out just for you.

Go Live.”

Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 10.44.12 AM

Alex with her miracle baby, Scarlett.


“Dear God, I wanted to see and walk again!”

And God said, “Get up, walk and see the world.”

“But God, the world says that it is impossible. For I was in a horrible accident.  I prayed to be complete again, but my miracle didn’t happen. I hurt every single day of my life God.”

“My Dear Child, it is through your great pain and suffering that people in the masses are finding me. You have been chosen to be my great warrior.

Go walk and see the world Christian.”


Christian Mayberry was in a tragic 4  wheeler accident when he was 16.  The odds were against him and he was told the chances were very slim that he would ever walk or see again. Though Christian suffered brain damage, he can walk, talk, see, and is inspiring people in the masses as  a public speaker now.

This is what a miracle looks like.


“Dear God, I wanted to become successful in my career and family.”

And God said, “Go become a huge success.”

“But God, the world says that it is impossible. I just failed and lost everything I have. My miracle didn’t happen, I prayed for success to happen and instead I lost everything.”

“My Dear Child, your miracle was your unwavering trust in Me and the knowledge you gained through your loss. Take your knowledge and your new idea, give your idea the attention that it needs, and I will bless it abundantly.

For I believe in you and know the good that will come out of your success. 

Go, become a success, let me bless you abundantly.”

Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 10.45.22 AM

Time and time again, Job went through hardship and struggle but never failed to trust in God. Many miracles came to Job from his trust in God.


“Dear God, I wanted to have a family.”

And God said, “Go my child, and have the family you longed for.”

“But God, I am a product from brokenness, hurt, shame, and guilt. I prayed for my miracle of family, and instead, I became a product of my brokenness with failed relationships.”

“My Dear Child, your brokenness was your miracle. I showed you what never to do, so you could become exactly what I refined you for.  I have the perfect soul mate picked out just for you, and a beautiful family just around the corner for you.”

Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 10.45.46 AM

Derek & Sarah Hein, 20 years of marriage and going strong.

With the family Sarah dreamed of her whole childhood.


People don’t choose hard circumstances.

The kind of circumstances that can seem cruel, unfair, unjust,  and broken which lead to bleeding hearts, chronic pain, and illness, resulting in ultimate hopelessness.

The kind of hopelessness that can imprint a deep anger within, because it seems like the miracles they prayed for didn’t happen.

Just because their miracle didn’t turn out the way they wanted,  doesn’t mean their miracles didn’t happen.  

Easter is the greatest reminder that miracles often don’t come in the package you are expecting. 

When the Savior of the world was proclaimed centuries before His arrival, no one thought the king of kings would be born in a manager of a barn, or die a gruesome death on the cross: only to perform the greatest of all miracles, the resurrection from the grave.

Maybe it’s time to look at your life through God’s eyes.  Don’t look at life through the world’s eyes. It’s time, to open our eyes, and expect and ACCEPT our miracles.

Miracles are all around you and I promise you this, God’s miracles are far better than the ones you prayed for and didn’t happen.

And remember, sometimes, they just come in the most unusual packages.

May this Easter season remind us all that though each one of us has hard circumstances to go through in life, your beautiful miracle is right around the corner.

Expect a miracle,

Sarah Hein

2 thoughts on “Expect a Miracle”

  1. What an awesome post. You and your family are truly blessed and are an inspiration to all of us to look at our challenges as something less significant. You have all been through so much and continue to persevere with God’s help and grace. What a great example for us to follow.


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