A New Year Message

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Today, I had my idea, all set in my head what I wanted to write about, the focus being the NEW YEAR. Just before I was about to sit down and write, Snickerdoodle’s my writing campion and foot warmer, who happens to be my Mini Golden Doodle, looked at me whining.
She needed to go to the bathroom.
Interruptions…. Oh how I hate interruptions when I have a great thought in my head.
Reluctantly, I put her leash on, and surprisingly when I stepped outside, it was warmer than I thought, so I walked down my driveway and decided to take a short walk with her.  As I reached the road, I looked down and saw something unusual.  It was a large black object in the ditch, along the side of the road.  For those of you who don’t know where I live, my home is in the country on a quiet off beaten road.  We barely get cars on our road.  Farm land, woods, and a couple of neighbors, is my landscape.
As I started to walk down my road to the edge of our property, my mind took off racing on the possibilities of what was laying in the ditch.  Someone’s luggage rack, a box that had blown off the back of a truck, a suitcase?
Then, like the cold January wind, my thinking shifted. I shuttered at the thought, what if this was something bad?  What if someone had thrown a body on the side of the road? As I was recalling not that long ago, several miles from where I live, a body had been found in a field.
Maybe I should call the police.
Curiosity won out, and I continued. As I approached the object closer, I was still not able to make out what it was and Snickerdoodle was now growling at the large object in the snow.  I decided, to reach into my pocket, and have my phone in my hand, in case I needed to call 911.  As I reached into my pocket, it was empty.
Ugggghhhh…. I had left my phone on the kitchen counter.
I was now a few feet away from this……………thing.
Peering over at it, Snickerdoodle continued growling at the object,  I walked around it and ………..
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
snicks and tv.jpg
It was an old T.V.
There was no body?  Which of course I was relieved.
It wasn’t something that had blown off someone’s vehicle.
IT was an old model T.V. that someone had intentionally and literally thrown out their vehicle.
Someone big time littered.
How dare this person.
How shallow of someone to throw their garbage on my road and not just any road, but MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY ROAD!  The arrogance for someone to be so lazy and not take ownership to their garbage was a complete disgrace to me.  Now….. I would have to do something about this. I didn’t have time for this. Because someone else lacked courage and decency to do what is right, I had to clean up their mess!
I was livid and decided to march back to my house, get my phone, take a picture and use social media for revenge. I was going to post this picture on Facebook to shame the person who did such a horrible thing. Seriously, isn’t that what everyone does now? Just leverage social media when you want to shame someone, pour out your feelings before you think things through and slam them all over the internet ?
That’s the “in” thing now isn’t?
Storming off, walking back to my house, I was planning my attack of revenge..…
deep in thought……
Something jumped out at me from the tree line………..
 flew up at it me squawking…..
I about wet myself………….
A stupid pheasant, flew up from the ditch, right before me, scaring the life out of me!  As I stood there, watching the dumb pheasant who nearly gave me a heart attack fly off, and I was catching my breath….
A thought entered my mind.
Garbage … in the ditch…..
Garbage….  I had traveled many times, to different cities, states and countries and no matter where I had traveled too, there was garbage in every place.   Lining the ditch lines of country roads, city streets, some places worse than others. Like in Kenya, what would look like garbage to most, people, mostly children actually lived IN the garbage.
The thought resonated with me.
Garbage………Dirt………  You can’t run from it, it’s everywhere.
I stood there on my quiet country road, looked back at the old T.V in the ditch, and I knew that garbage, is something we all have.
We all dump it and liter it everywhere. I’m not talking about just the physical garbage you see in every city, state, country, church, school, neighborhood, but I’m also talking about the garbage around our hearts.
I realized, that the T.V. on the side of the road, had just become a beautiful symbolic message to me and that I was to write it to all of you.
The real dumpsite for GARBAGE is…. the the foot of the cross.
If our garbage looked like old T.V.’s can you imagine what that picture would have looked like at the cross?  It would have towered all the way to the heavens.  Larger than any skyscraper or mountain in the world. Deeper and wider than the ocean.
Yet, it was wiped clean.  Forgiven.
What if Jesus had the attitude I had. Imagine that?
Who was I to take revenge on this person?  Why was I angry?  I wasn’t better than anyone else, I have my own garbage.  In fact, I have hidden garbage deep within that liters my heart all the time.  It haunts me throughout the day, wakes me at night and even when I sleep….
Garbage haunts my dreams.
Garbage haunts us all.
To the person who dumped the T.V on my road, THANK YOU.
Thank you for sending me a beautiful reminder that all our garbage is made clean. The only real way to rid yourself of garbage that haunts you,
is to take it to the only dumpsite that can handle it.
The foot of the cross.
Each new year, brings a renewed sense of hope.  A clean slate so to speak, a fresh start.  People around the world, dream… dreams, make goals and set out to finally keep their slate clean.  I am no different, and long for a clean slate just like everyone. I think about the changes I want to make.  Goals I want to set.
Yet the reality is the statistics are shocking at how by end of January most have lost sight of their clean slate, their personal goals. By mid February they are forgotten dreams and with the March winds brings the thought…. I can wait till next year, next year I will make the changes I need.  Like a puff of magic smoke, another year comes and goes and the goals, dreams and plans vanish.
It’s time to stop judging other’s garbage.  It’s time to stop letting the garbage around your heart haunt you from accomplishing the goals God has set before you.
May a stupid pheasant fly out in front of all of us,
scaring some sense in to us.
Take ownership to your own life.
 LET GO of all the garbage of your life and let it free you.
Just dispose it properly, at the foot of the cross. Dumping your garbage onto someone else or the ditch isn’t the answer.
Letting go, will allow you to TRUST freely in God’s plan, His agenda, not yours, even when things don’t make sense.
Next, become disciplined every day to take the action steps you will need to reach your goal.  Without discipline or commitment, you will never reach your destination.  Saying is one thing, DOING is another.  The simple reason why so many let go of their New Year’s Resolutions by the end of January is because they don’t DISCIPLINE  themselves with COMMITMENTS  that they FOLLOW through each day on.
Last but not least, interruptions, are whispers from God. He used my dog’s bathroom needs to detour my thinking ,and a dumb pheasant to scare some sense into me.
Stop, look and listen to the interruptions in your life.
Maybe it’s God trying to tell you something.
If your heart is littered with garbage, no goal will ever be met. Discipline and commitment can’t shine through a dark cluttered garbage dump.
Sarah Hein

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