I’ll Be Home For Christmas

I’ll be home for Christmas….
 There’s no place like home.
We are home.
Derek and I flew in yesterday from North Carolina for the next phase of his rehabilitation.  Tired and exhausted, we are eternally grateful for all that happened in North Carolina.
God led us to the most amazing people and doctors, that think outside the box, and are not willing to settle on Derek’s situation.  We are finding answers, getting results, and North Carolina, was the next huge step in Derek’s recovery.
  I cannot even explain how crazy awesome this all is.  However, here’s what I can tell you.  People may think these Doctors are crazy, for listening to God’s whispers, to help Derek.  People make think Derek and I are crazy to take huge leaps of faith, and go so far for medical help.
Throughout this journey, all the progress he has made, has happened outside the box.
Dr. Matt and Dr. John, are new to Derek’s team, and have enclosed on a huge gap that was holding Derek back from ultimate healing.  Meeting the two of them, was nothing shy but yet another awesome example of God’s grace and provisions. They now join, Dr. Michelle and Dr. Brandon, all who are Derek’s miracle Doctors that have been anointed by HIM to restore Derek’s health. Each one, has guided Derek in a different area of healing.
The lesson?
Listen to the whispers God tells each and every one of us.  Even when it seems crazy.
Then do the most important step, Take ACTION!
May our crazy journey inspire you to get outside the box of your thinking.
The result.  Blessings, upon blessings!
Like a cherry tops a Sunday, our dear friends even sent us overnight for a bucket list adventure to the Biltmore at Christmas time in Ashville North Carolina.  That night, was truly magical for Derek and I.  Though he was tired, we truly enjoyed that evening and the beauty of the Biltmore.  Thank you to our amazing friends for making that night so incredible for us, for unconditionally loving us, opening up your hearts and home to us.  We also had a special breakfast, the following morning with my sister who lives close by, which was awesome as well.
We came home to our three kids, and grandbaby, who cleaned the house, scrubbed the floors, and kept everything running back home.  As hard as it is, to have left them so many times, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina, were all just this past fall, that doesn’t include all the places we have been for the past three years, to help their Dad, I couldn’t be more proud of them. They all rolled up their sleeves, and dove into the hard work to keep everything running back home and succeeding in their own lives.
Especially at their ages, 23, 18, and 13.
There is truly no place like home.
DSC_6707 (1).jpg
DSC_6761 (2).jpg
In the New Year, I will write more as to what Derek is going through, and what happened in North Carolina, but for now, know this, we have great hope and encouragement, that 2016 will be THE year that Derek will slingshot forward into his life, leaving the dust behind…..
Because you can’t tell Derek Hein he “can’t do something, or it’s impossible”, he will slingshot right past that, and that is EXACTLY what is going to happen.
As we reflect this past year for our family, and as you do the same for yours, I pray you can see great beauty from hardships, forgiveness from pain and suffering, love and peace from turmoil.
Even if you are in the middle of a hard time, and are not able to see the “good” in a situation just yet, I want to encourage you, to really take some time and reflect on Christ’s birth.
Jesus, the SAVIOR of the world, was born in a smelly, stinky, damp, and cold barn.  As much as the words, “silent night” is a description of that night, something tells me, that it was anything but silent.  Jesus’s birth, through His life, to His death, teach us that life is going to be hard.
It’s not going to be silent.
Just the opposite.

It’s going to be LOUD.

The King of all Kings, was born to a teenage mother.

The King of Kings bed, was a lowly manger.

The King of Kings nurses and doctors, was a young man named Joseph, donkeys, sheep, and cattle.

The King of Kings sterilized environment was a stinky smelly barn.

Do you see the message?
Life isn’t always going to be perfect or beautiful.
  Provision won’t always come in the form we expect.
I would have never thought the King of Kings would be placed in a manger, but of bed of gold.
God will provide.  He will provide what we need when we need it. When we look through life from God’s eyes, we see so much more.  Most would look at a manager and not think of a bed.
Not God, a manger became the bed of the greatest King of Creation.
If humble means, it was good enough for our King, shouldn’t it be for us?
That doesn’t’ mean that success is evil or wrong, that is not what I mean at all, however, it means just the opposite.   In order for Jesus to conquer the world, he had to humbly get knocked down to the bottom and go through every hard that we do…
In the end, he conquered and with His aid, you can humbly conquer whatever His plan is for you as well.
He will turn your manager, into a golden bed.  All in His time.
May our family, our story just be a small speck of dust, a tiny example in this world, that when we turn our eyes to HIM, gifts will come in the most unusual packages.
All you have to do, is be open minded, open the gifts,receive the gifts….
 And apply them to your life.
From our Family to yours,
We Believe in Miracles.

Merry Christmas!

Sarah Hein

4 thoughts on “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”

  1. Sara, Look what I found in my photos this week! I took this before we met you guys! I loved your I’ll Be Home for Christmas Post. Right on Sister! Life is not perfect for anyone. So glad you have hope for Derek in 2016. Merry Christmas!

    Regina Brown Topeka KS



  2. Merry Christmas from Texas. We are thinking and praying for you all, everyday. May 2016 be blessed with God’s healing touch upon Derek. That’s what we will pray for. Thanks for sharing your awe inspiring journey. We love y’all , Lonnie and Holly


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