What Does a Miracle Look Like?


In this journey that Derek and I have embarked, not by choice, but by providence, we are being taught many great lessons.

‘Wait patiently’ is the lesson we are being taught right now, as we stay the course with Derek’s new therapy and programs he is on, and we continue to press forward into God’s plan for Derek and his ultimate healing.

At the same time, we have been led to meet people, that have become our true hero’s, or what we have nicknamed… the ultimate example, of grace, redemption and forgiveness.

As we drove home from The Cerebrum Health Centers, National Brain Institute, in Dallas Texas, Derek and I talked for hours of the people we had met, that would be forever imprinted on our hearts.

People, who once again, dropped us both to our knees, in all the divine chaos, and made us value that this journey in life, isn’t about us, but a greater purpose.

We will all go through moments in our life that we question.  Moments, that our feeble brains can’t understand things, and our hardships don’t seem fair……..even cruel.

Moments when ‘God doesn’t make sense’.

Hardships that make us question our creator, instead of blame the evil one.  Our hardships can either plaque us, weigh us down, break our confidence… our spirit…..till we become disillusioned, bitter….and  it even haunt every second of our life.


We can rise up, let faith guide us……not fear,

become the champion within,

and fulfill the purpose that was preordained by a greater purpose.

This next story, isn’t to make your problems feel weak, or belittle you, however, walk this next journey with me and think to yourself, if I were to lose it all, and have to give up everything….

Would I remain faithful?

I want to share this with all you, because, it’s TIME…….

To get out your big girl panties or your big boy boxers………


Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

All things, good and bad in your life…… have a greater purpose…. grander than you can ever imagine. It’s time….to ACCEPT this and move forward…. To TRUST … even when things don’t make sense.

As I sat in the lobby, feeling the weight of our situation on my shoulders, at the Cerebrum Health Institute in Dallas, I met a young man and his parents.

This is his story.

Christian was 16 years old, a good looking young man, 6 feet 6 inches, with the world at his fingertips. He  loved to play football, yet, at the same time was a gentle giant.  Christian was more concerned about hurting someone else, then taking a tackle.  This was Christian Mayberry.

christian mayberry1

The whole world was in front of him…. Just waiting to be conquered by Christian.

It was the end of summer, and Christian was hanging out with friends.

His mom Kim, had just left for a trip of a lifetime, with her daughter to Cancun for her 50th birthday. This one in a lifetime trip had been planned for months.  Kim, was about to embark an amazing time with her daughter Mia for some special mother daughter bonding.

Kim left on Aug 31st, 2013 and arrived to Cancun, she had just gotten settled in and the next day on Sept, 1st, 2013, she received a call….that was about to change her life forever.

A call no mother would ever want to receive.

Christian, had been in a horrible ATV accident. She was told her son will probably not make it.  She needed to return home immediately.

Kim couldn’t get a flight back home till the next day, and the whole time, didn’t know if her son would pull through.  He was literally on his death bed, fighting for his life and she was in a different country.

The 24 hours of hell this woman went through, there was only one thing she could do.  Pray.

She PRAYED………..For her son to live.

She made it back to his bedside.

Christian lived.

However, what this poor mother was told, at his bedside, was the nightmare of all nightmares.

Christian could make, or may not make it.  But if he makes it, he will live with you the rest of your life.

He will never walk, never talk, never see, never live a normal life.

 christian mayberry3

Christian, who had no drugs or alcohol in his system, was left in a ditch for so long, and was now fighting for his life.Christian had laid in the ditch for three hours, he was alive…..barely. For 3 agonizing weeks, with his family by his bedside, around the clock prayers took place.

‘Pray for Mayberry’ was established.

Christian remained in a comma. Christian’s family prayed for their miracle every day, yet they were told from a doctor, “I have seen a lot of good Christian families pray for their miracles and never receive it.”

Never did the doctors talk about the miracles they did see, only what they didn’t.

For the next 5 ½ months, Christian went through hell on earth.  What this young man endured is a book in itself, but this is a brief summary.

He spent the first month in the hospital, very unresponsive, the next 2 ½ months in a rehab center, then back to the hospital for plates to be put back into his open skull, where he developed a horrible infection that almost took his life, and kept him in the hospital fighting to live, once again, for another 2 ½ months.

christian mayberry2

All this time, Christian, was beating all odds, he was slowing waking up.  Whispering his first words about 5 ½ months after his accident.

However, as if matters couldn’t get worse, as this family was dealing with such heartache and loss, they were now being forced to find a new facility for Christian.  Their insurance wasn’t going to pay for more rehab. They said Christian wasn’t progressing fast enough.  Not even nursing homes wanted him because of his age, however at the 11thhour when they were forced to find a new place for Christian, his parents, by no other choice, were forced to put him in a nursing home.

“It was the hardest day in my life, when I had to put my 16 year old son into a nursing home. This became my biggest low point of my life.” Kim, his mother said.

christian mayberry5

For the next 6 months, this young 16 year old laid in a nursing home.  Those 6 months were the worst months of this family’s life. They were able to get their son very little therapy, and then even what they could get, ended.

This poor 16 year old boy literally wasted away as his family sat there hopelessly watching him.


Because the insurance company was refusing to pay for therapy.  The insurance company was refusing to put him in a rehabilitation center.

Every excuse NOT to pay….. was given to this family.

UNTIL, this brave mom fought back and God sent her earthly angels.    One day, Christian’s Mom received a phone call from a woman, someone she had never met and this kind woman confidently stated, ‘I’m Christian’s new advocate.’ Her name was Julie Weintraub.  Kim also got a state representative, senator and congressman involved to finally help her son.

This army of people, took over.

Kim surrendered to God, and let God fight this battle. She won against the insurance company and Christian finally started to receive therapy he deserved.

As if this wasn’t enough, Kim’s husband, since the accident has suffered 2 heart attacks and 2 strokes and Kim suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Yet through it all, despite all medical odds, Christian Mayberry began to awake.

Christian began speaking.

For 10 months, his left side was mostly paralyzed. However, slowly…. ever so slowly, Christian’s body started awakening. The day this boy began to waken, was the beginning of the next chapter of his life.

Every day of his life now, he lived to overcome.  Not only did he have to learn how to talk, walk, dress himself, but absolutely everything he had once learned from infancy….. he had to re-learn, except this time, in his large adult body with a damaged brain.

Basic normal things, like how to swallow, sit up, eat, stand were now the most difficult things and took hours upon hours, days, even weeks to relearn.

For the past two years, Christian Mayberry has had to live every moment of his life……


P A I N is all around Christian.

24/7 this young man suffers horrific pain. Horrible headaches. His whole left side, his leg and arm hurt all the time.  His brain feels like it’s being squeezed in his head.

Yet Christian is making amazing progress. He has by God’s grace………. beaten all odds. Christian can walk, talk, eat, has his sight, and he is making progress every day.

This is why he was at the Cerebrum Health Center, Institute for the Brain, where Derek I and were.  He was there to continue overcoming the many challenges that still lay ahead of him.

After hearing this story, my first thought was, how much can one family endure. I can’t even imagine the amount of stress on this poor family’s life. Sitting there, in the clinic’s lobby, looking at this family, I was in complete awe. It was looking at Christian, that I noticed immediately how he radiated love and happiness all around him.

He never stopped smiling.

He wasn’t bitter, he was LIVING.

He wasn’t better… YET.

He was grateful to GOD.

God’s presence was all around this young man. I could feel it.

Since meeting Christian, I have begun to research his story…….

It was in my research, of Christian Mayberry that I found something so profound, humbling and awesome that I knew, without a doubt, to write his story.  I couldn’t have received a bigger ‘poke’ from God, saying…


What was once easy for this young man, and what we all are victim to take for granted EVERY SINGLE DAY, is now the most challenging.

What almost seems to make matters worse, even more unfair, if you can get any more unfair for this young man, is that he remembers his old life. This can lead him to feeling incredibly depressed.  At times, the pain, the struggles, his life being ripped from him, seems almost too much to bear.

This is the devil only trying to steal any joy from this young man’s life….

Any dignity he has left.

Why ?

The answer is so obvious…..

Christian has witnessed to thousands of people. People from around the world believe in God because of Christian’s story. The Devil will do anything to stop him because Christian is such a beautiful example that GOD is bigger and HIS grace will prevail.

Christian’s life, in one moment, was turned upside down.  Football was over, his friends moved on, his young life, was literally ripped away from him….. and yet, HE REMAINS FAITHFUL TO JESUS!

Christian, now wants to become a minister and reach people in the masses, to share of Jesus love and grace.

How amazing is that?  When this young man,  now 18 and now 6 feet tall 8 inches, could be crushed by anger, bitterness, hatred, he is instead, full of forgiveness, grace, peace and love.

This IS what a miracle looks like.

dad mom christian

Now I understand Christian’s shirt he was wearing the day I met him.

As I began to write his story, I realized, another profound thing.

His name.

Given to him at birth, the name his parents gave him, truly took on a whole new meaning.

God wasn’t done with this young man’s purpose in life…. This young man has been chosen, for a greater purpose.

Christian has over 13,000 followers on Facebook page, ‘Pray for Mayberry’.

He has brought more people to faith by his shining example, in a short time, from a hospital bed at that, than most will ever do in a life time.

It is my responsibility knowing of this amazing young man, to do my job and expose his story so that God’s glory may be shone. It’s all of our job, to share this story, so that others may partake in this beautiful miracle.

Christian is an amazing example, that our life…. Isn’t our agenda.

But God’s.

I urge you all, to first of all PRAY FOR MAYBERRY, as he continues his long journey of overcoming. Pray for renewed strength every day, for God’s protection against the evil one, so that this young man can continue to witness the miracle he is and remind us, that we are all miracles within. When we turn to FAITH and believe what no scholar will ever be able to explain, it creates a platform for God to perform miracles.  A great example of this is  all the physicians that cannot explain how Christian can not only talk, walk, see, BUT IS ALSO making continued progress every day…..is a miracle.

I also strongly urge you to let Christian’s faith radiate around you, and have your own personal ‘come to Jesus talk’.

It’s time, we all stop blaming in life…… our circumstances!  People…. Get out those big girl or boy panties, let GO and LET GOD BE.

I have no doubt that, this young man, will be a motivational speaker at the highest of all levels and sharing God’s love and grace to all he meets.  Christian and his parents, became our hero the day we met them.

I look forward to the day, when I see this young man on stage in front of thousands, sharing his story….. because I have no doubt that day will happen.

This is just the beginning….. I will continue to write about Christian… his journey, and may he inspire all of us to hold unto to faith, during the darkest times of our life.


6 thoughts on “What Does a Miracle Look Like?”

  1. Sarah, this is amazing. It’s hard to relive some of those moments but he is such an amazing, loving, sweet, special and wonderful MIRACLE ❤ My mom is a warrior as well, they both have strength like no other! God is good! Thank you for this, and everything else Sarah. I hope to meet you one day as well. God bless! -Mia


  2. The way you brought this to us is wonderful. I saw him play football about 4 years ago against Roland Rangers, needless to say, we lost. I’ve followed his Miraculous recovery since right after the accident. Even in Texas, where I now live, he has fans, supporters and prayer warriors. God is reaching so many through Christian, through Christians whole family. If Pray for Mayberry is ever made a movie. I will have it on reserve. He is SO AMAZING. God Bless you in your life and writing. You put your heart into what you write.
    Much love,


  3. Sarah, this is awesome. Have tears and goosies. I have been following Christian since the beginning and although I have never met him I love him dearly. I will meet him someday , that ‘s on my bucket list. There have been so many FIRST’S and so many ups and downs, but Kim stood strong at lows for Christian and Christian stood strong for Kim. The tragedies this family has gone through and not once have they ever question their faith in our father God or lost hope. Christian has renewed thousand in their own faith and helped so many people. I pray for Christian and the Mayberry family daily and would ask all others to do the same.
    Your story was written so beautifully and I would like to say THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU.


  4. This is incredible. Thank you for taking the time to share Christian’s story. I don’t know Christian personally but I have been following his story since the beginning and have been amazed by his progress and blessed by his will to share Jesus with others. Our God is an awesome God and Christian is a great testimony of it.


  5. You done an absolutely great job on Christian’s story. He is a wonderful young man whom I’ve not had the chance to meet yet, but have followed since the beginning. He is a miracle and I think any one who meets him or reads his story of watches his videos will fall in love with him and his strong Christian beliefs. He is amazing! I applaud you for such beautiful words.


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