Derek’s Journey Leaving Dallas

Life is about a series of moments.
Good or bad.
 Moments happen.
Waking up our last morning in Dallas, I couldn’t help but to reflect all the times I wondered…. why this was all happening to us.
Why Derek?
My quest to find….. His truth…. Become it…. Own it….. was more than ever alive in me.
In my first waking moments, the early stream of sunlight hitting my face, I once again, could feel the power of refinement ……
Refinement, is the process of removing impurities or unwanted elements from a substance.
God was refining Derek.
However, at the same time, HE was also refining me.  God has a different agenda for me. One I cannot fight anymore.
As if I was hooked up to an IV of empowerment, fear had left my thinking for the moment.  A knowing bliss filled my every cell, reminding me… that all ‘moments’ are predestined by God.
For almost three years, I prayed with intensity for God to heal my husband….. like any wife would. There was nothing noble or grand in that. I’m just simply a wife who believes in greater purpose than this world….. eternal life.
I’m a wife,who deeply loves her husband and would do anything and everything to see him whole again.
  To bring him back to me.
Don’t get me wrong, Derek is right here beside me, but every day I see what he has to go through.
Every.    Single.    Day.    Is.    A.    Challenge.  For.   DEREK.
My prayers are so very different now.  They are prayers of PRAISE and WORSHIP.  Sounds crazy I know, however, I have a knowing peace that surpasses my understanding that  God is in control of this and whatever is yet to come, I will continue to praise HIM in this storm.
  For the past three years, our family has experienced what I call our season of silence. God is refining us for something larger than us.  Something greater than our minds can imagine. Our job is to TRUST in this storm.
Similar to when Jesus reached out to his disciple and told him to walk on top of the water. Something not humanly possible….at all.
A true miracle.
When the disciple doubted, he started to sink. When he TRUSTED, he walked on top of the water with Jesus.
EVERYONE of you, has an opportunity every day of your life, to walk on top of water with Jesus……..or sink.
What I know for my family is this:
Our Season of silence is   OVER!
An awakening is happening.
Derek is waking up.
My writing is waking up.
Our Children…. Are finding their wings…….they are spreading them……
they are about to S O A R.
The final day of Derek’s treatment, was not what I expected.
It was very emotional.  Like a release of three years of HELL.
We had been broken…. To the deepest core within…. And the most glorious light was beaming back down on us… like breath back into our lungs.
Derek started out this morning with all diagnostic tests again to see if he made progress.
dad pic 7
Next, we met with Dr. Brock…..
The positive energy Dr. Brock gives off when he walks into a room, is completely contagious!  His first question to Derek was….
”So how do you feel? What percent better do you think you have accomplished?”
  Derek’s response was,
“About 30-35% better, when it comes to tracking with my eyes!”
 Dr. Brock, then  showed us his tests from the first day in Dallas… till that morning.  What Derek said, and what the tests showed….. exactly matched.
This was no hokey pokey stuff.
You can’t make that up. Derek was truly feeling a difference. Derek had made about a 30-35% improvement, when it came to his eyes tracking better, and improving his balance!
 It was so overwhelming for me personally… sitting there….. to hear this, there are no words to explain my true thanks, except, THANK YOU JESUS!
 They had some of Derek’s test results and blood work back, but didn’t have all of it yet.  Some of the results wouldn’t be back for the next 3 – 4 weeks. So, Dr. Brock went through all his blood work he did have.
Derek, overall, is incredibly healthy.  They were surprised at how healthy a lot of his blood work was.
Yet, they recommended a gluten free and dairy free diet. Which I have had him on for the most part already.  At the same time, there’s always room for improvement.
This has all taught me another invaluable life lesson. You will never ‘KNOW IT ALL’.  There is ALWAYS room for learning… improving.
Listening to Dr. Brock, so much of what he said, made complete sense to me. Derek’s labs were very consistent with the blood work he has had in the Midwest.
At the same time, I also knew that God has given me the ability to work with some of the best nutrition in the world.  For over 20 years, I have worked with an amazing nutrition company and let me tell you, I have been Derek’s ‘General’ when it came to his nutrition and supplement program.
Sitting there, I had an “aha moment”.  In all of Derek’s surgeries, the week of surgery, Derek had to get off all his nutrition that I had him on.  It never failed. Within 2 days, of being off his program I had him on, Derek was literally in bed……non functioning.
Derek would be way worse off, if I didn’t have the tools God had given us. Bloodwork doesn’t lie!
God was giving us what we needed.  The gift I was able to give Derek all along was solid awesome nutrition.
If I hadn’t known what I did, Derek would be way worse off….. another beautiful miracle.
All this really ignited me to share this with people.
HEALTHY LIVING and AMAZING NUTRITION can ONLY HELP!  What you eat matters.  It may not fix everything, but I can’t imagine where Derek would be if I didn’t have him nutritionally established.
Actually, I do know where he would be… in bed… all the time!
 It was only an added bonus, to find out more about how to help him nutritionally and believe me when I say, I will take this new information back with me, so that I can help many others and pay it forward.
Food, Faith, Family ….. is what FUELS you.
Yet, there is ALWAYS more to learn.
There was a few areas Derek was lacking in, primarily from the side effects of a horrible treatment/ drug Mayo put him on that they shouldn’t have.  Dr. Brock recommended some things for Derek, that I didn’t know about.  “MISSING PIECES” to the puzzle of Derek.
I realized then, that Mayo Clinic, just didn’t know what this center did.  They were doing the best with what they knew at the time we were there.
This journey isn’t to earn revenge or be bitter on other doctors, hospitals, or facilities.
It is to SHARE this journey…..
 So that we may use what we are all learning, to help others.
As I seek for the TRUTH of what has happened to Derek…… I am slowly finding answers.
Dr. Brock in that appointment, felt that depending on the rest of the results of Derek’s tests,  some things could alter his next steps in his course of action.  Things could change a little….. or lot,  depending on these test results.
However, he was VERY CONFIDENT  that in time, I was going to get my husband back.
Derek had great progress and it was time to go home and continue this therapy.  His body needed to get acclimated to this new found balance.
What he was experiencing now was a feeling of “not being grounded”. He had a sensation now that he was floating more than walking.  His brain was beginning to ‘awaken’ and find balance.  But the real work was just beginning.  His pressure has still not left in his head, however, his eyes, are brighter, he was thinking clearer, and this was PROGRESS!
The road was long.
There is no quick fix.
But we were making progress. They were going to teach Derek and I that afternoon, the therapy he would have to do every day back home, that afternoon.
Dr. Brock would also be following up with Derek through phone consultations.  It was possible that Derek may need to come back, for ‘tune ups’ or ‘slip ups’ but time would only tell. It was too early in the game.
I couldn’t hold back tears.  This was the best news I had in a long LONG time. It wasn’t what Dr. Brock said, it was the CHANGES I WAS SEEING IN DEREK!
Pictured here is Derek with Dr. Brock, coming up with his plan for going home.
 photo_1 (2)
Here is Derek and I with Caleb and Vernette.  The two that relentlessly worked with Derek. They are now all family!  We love you both!
photo_2 (1)
Dr. Brock, Derek and  Sarah.
photo_1 (4)
God bless you Dr. Brock.  For Everything.
Derek’s final round of therapy.  Caleb having some fun with Derek.
photo_1 (1)
Derek, Caleb and Sarah
 photo_1 (3)
Best staff ever!  Though they aren’t all pictured, he’s a few.
photo_2 (2)
 Everyone at this facility makes a huge impact on everyone that walks through the doors.
Each patient has an amazing story, a long tiring journey.
The patients come from around the world with one purpose. To HEAL. Every single patient that walks in, feels completely drained, and these are some of the faces you first see when you walk in.   Ladies, we love you. Thank you for what you do!  You are earthly angels and fill this center up with HOPE!
I was nervous to leave. I’m not going to lie. What if this didn’t hold. What if Derek slipped backwards. This place is so far away and insurance is refusing to cover it.
God gave me the strength to quickly recognize it that this was all the DEVIL trying to tempt me with negative thoughts.
You see, it comes down to this. God already won this battle. Just like He has won your battle.  His job in all our lives is to conquer the battle.
Our job…. Is to wait patiently.
Yep… that’s what I said…..WAIT PATIENTLY! Believe me, even as I write this, its like I want to be a two year old and have a temper tantrum…..
However, that IS our job. To wait patiently.
No matter what, I would never regret this trip.  This whole trip was GOD led. From the first email I got when I felt hopeless, to the amazing new friends that we had met.
We were simply adding to our already AMAZING group of friends, family and prayer warriors around the world.
From the experiences of  GOD dressed as the PIZZA HUT DELIVERY GUY, to all the amazing stories of people who dropped me to my knees and humbled me.
It may look on the outside, that we have lost a lot over the past three years.
Honestly, that’s as false as a statement could ever be.
We have gained, far more than others will ever know. That’s why I need to write this all. So you can share in the miracles with us.
As Derek and I got in the car, I knew then… there was no looking back.
Only forward.…..
And so…..The next chapter began…….. the long drive home…… to be continued.

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